Biology 1903

Fall 2006
M 03:00PM-05:50PM IC 3011 / W 03:00PM-04:50PM IC 3A Room

Code 10343 Section 3090-1903-001
The last test, Test 4, will be on Wednesday 12/20 in SRC 3651. We can meet first in the lab IC 3A, then move to the SRC for the test. Good luck!
Class 01Chapter 10 Photosynthesis
Class 03Chapter 29 Plant Diversity I: How Plants Colonized Land, 30 Plant Diversity II: The Evolution of Seed Plants
Chapter 30 xtra credit Nutty and fungi-ble taxol sources Science News 4/15/00
Chapter 30 xtra credit Yes, We'll Have No Bananas Common Dreams NewsCenter 7/19/03
Class 05Chapter 35 Plant Structure, Growth, and Development (pp. 712-728), 36 Transport in Vascular Plants
Chapter 35 xtra credit Maple sap flow SUNY Plant Physiology
Chapter 36 xtra credit Dutch Elm Disease Colorado State U. 8/24/04
Class 07Chapter 37 Plant Nutrition (pp. 756-760,763-767)
Chapter 37 xtra credit Brazil Is Satisfying Its Fuel Needs From Sugar Cane New York Times 4/10/06
Class 09Chapter 38 Angiosperm Reproduction and Biotechnology (pp. 771-780), 22 Descent with Modification (pp. 443-451)
Class 11Chapter 25 Phylogeny and Systematics (pp. 491-499,507-508), 26 The Tree of Life (pp. 512-528)
Chapter 26 xtra credit Redrafting the Tree of Life Science Now 9/8/04
Class 15Chapter 27 Prokaryotes, 28 Protists
Class 17Chapter 31 Fungi, 50 An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere
Chapter 50 xtra credit Cook County, Ill., Wetlands Are Focus of National Debate Chicago Tribune 06/15/03
Class 18Chapter 54 Ecosystems
Chapter 54 xtra credit The U.S. Ban on DDT Environmental Defense 4/4/05
Class 20Chapter 51 Behavioral Ecology (pp. 1106-1117,1123-1130), 52 Population Ecology (pp. 1136-1138,1141-1147,1152-1156)
Chapter 51 xtra credit Red Knot Migration and Horseshoe Crab Conservation in the Delaware Bay Wildlife Conservation Society
Chapter 51 xtra credit Pheromones, in context APA Online Oct 02
Chapter 51 xtra credit Birds may find way with cognitive map Science news 11/22/97
Chapter 52 xtra credit Cooperative breeders and Allee effect University Paris-Sud
Chapter 52 xtra credit On Brazilian Ethanol and the Ecological Footprint Bioscience Jan 06
Class 22Chapter 53 Community Ecology, 55 Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology
Chapter 53 xtra credit Wildland Fire in Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park 12/22/04
Chapter 55 xtra credit Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - Severity of Decline and its Causes 2004
Chapter 55 xtra credit Empty Nets: Fisheries may be crippling themselves by targeting the big ones Science News 6/4/05
Class 23Chapter 18 The Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria (pp. 334-342,346-356)

Instructor: Peter Chen